iPhone 15 Plus Cases

Indulge in Exquisite Luxury with Our Exclusive iPhone 15 Plus Leather Covers

Indulge in luxury with LUCRIN Geneva’s collection for the iPhone 15 Plus. Meticulously fashioned to safeguard your device, our collection includes the classic sleeve, cover, and luxury bumper. Simplify your carry with wallets; minimalist, zip or luxury. Experience enhanced features with the pull-tab case, pouch with pocket, lanyard pouch, crossbody case or belt case. Each case is designed to provide a snug fit, shielding your device from shocks, scratches, and potential damages, preserving your iPhone 15 Plus flawlessly. Moreover, our cases support QI wireless charging, so you can charge your device comfortably without the need to remove it. Elevate your style by selecting colours and leather that reflect your individuality. Infuse a personalised touch with custom engravings of your choice.

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