Guaranteeing the best leather

The beauty of a leather article relies on several ingredients: a good leather craftsman, of course, as well as an expert tanner, along with a top quality hide and, if we go right back to the source, farms that make animal welfare their priority and good grazing.

Sourcing Our Leather

Lucrin buys directly from the best tanners. Each tannery we work with has been carefully selected for the quality of its hides and its technical expertise. These tanneries buy raw hides, prepare them and carry out dyeing and texturing operations. We have sought out the best in Europe, particularly in Italy and France but also in Tunisia, South Africa (for ostrich leather) and Singapore (alligator skins). This careful sourcing enables us to offer you the very best quality in each type of leather.

The Lucrin Quality

Leather is a natural, living material. Each piece has its own story, each vein, small fold and particular shade of colour its own unique character. The very special quality that really marks leather out resides in the individuality of these details.

The item of leather delivered to your home is the end result of a process in which no effort has been spared. After the skins are selected and treated, each stage of production is monitored in our workshop - cutting, preparation, assembly and sewing. After the finishing touches are applied, each piece is painstakingly checked by expert inspectors before it leaves the workshop.

Your Satisfaction Is The Best Guarantee Of The Quality Of Our Work

We are like our leather - alive. With luxury craft-work, the emphasis nevertheless remains on the ‘craft’ aspect. This means we need your input, day in, day out, if we are to continue to develop, grow and remain attentive to your requirements, wishes and suggestions. We take all your comments, requests and criticisms on board - be they positive or otherwise. We also share your feedback with the whole production chain, from design department to production line to quality manager.