Your product personalisation options

With the possibility to customise your product's colour, thread colour, leather type and text engraving, you may create the Lucrin product which would reflect your character.

1. Leather Colour

For each leather type, you are offered an array of colours to choose from. This is where you start to tap into your creative side: texture/colour/product combinations which produce unique results. Lucrin is proud to bring to you 30 different colours and, to help you choose wisely, we have colour swatches for every different leather types at your disposal: Do not think twice before getting your own!

2. Leather Type And Texture

You start customising your item by first choosing your leather type and its texture: cow, suede, calfskin, stingray skin, crocodile or ostrich leather; metallic or matte leather. Some of the leather type available here at Lucrin are listed below.

A few of the leather types that we work with:

  1. Smooth cow
  2. Granulated cow
  3. Metallic leather
  4. Suede calf
  5. Crocodile style
  6. Smooth lamb
  7. Stingray
  8. Ostrich
  9. Alligator

3. Thread colour

We offer 2 options: tone on tone, which matches with the product colour, and unbleached thread, which is suitable with any leather colour.

4. Multiple engraving options for your creation

An old yet effective customisation method: an engraved text or logo of your choice. Gifts with this extra feature are particularly adored by the receiver of the latter.

Some engraving options available are:

  1. Date
  2. Initials
  3. Name
  4. Sentence (Motivational Quote)

You choose how to make your leather product your very own - give flight to your imagination.

Our classic designs boast of a prolonged lifespan. Imagine yourself a luxury leather accessory which reflect your personality or that of your company; we will give them shape.

5. A few samples